1. Either Sign Up or Sign In to your account.
  2. Choose the items from the restaurant you want and add them to your cart.
  3. Go to your cart to make sure you have everything you want and to choose Pickup or Delivery.
  4. Review your cart to choose the day and time of the order.
  5. After you've selected when you want your order, submit your order.
  • Please contact the restaurant about any missing items or the quality of food.
  • If there is a problem with the delivery, please contact us using the Chat button in the bottom right corner within 30 minutes of the order being delivered.
  • You can choose to receive Text Updates about your order.
    • If you didn't choose to receive these updates, you can view the status by going to Orders.
  • If you're using the app, you should receive notifications from the app.
  • We do this to allow the Restaurant enough time to see the order and prepare it.
    • Consider scheduling your order ahead of time.
  • These items are unavailable from the restaurant at the moment, so they are greyed out to reflect this.
  • Let us know any issues or suggestions using Feedback
  • Or use the "Chat with us" button
  • The driver receives the full delivery fee and the full tip, once the order is delivered.
    • We do not take anything out of the driver's pay.
  • The restaurant will receive the subtotal and taxes minus the credit card processing fee.
    • We do not take anything extra out of the restaurant's amount for each order.
  • This small fee helps us run the platform.
The Restaurant can choose to reject or refund your order.
  • You can view your Orders and click to view the order information to see why the restaurant rejected or refunded your order.
  • Go to your Account and choose Change E-Mail, Update Phone or Change Password.
  • Go to your Account and choose Saved Addresses.
  • From there you can choose an address to edit, delete or add another address.
  • If the restaurant has not started preparing the order, then you may cancel the order by going to Orders, selecting the order then clicking "Cancel Order".
  • Or call the restaurant and request the order be cancelled.
  • Or use the "Chat with us" button

Sadly we are closed due to the strain of the general workforce and the inability to provide a consistent service any longer. We hope to come back eventually but it is unknown when or if that will be.

We thank you for supporting us these last 2 years while we served the Tahlequah Community!

We are Closed