Local Bytes Driver Application

We are a local business in Tahlequah, OK seeking dedicated Delivery Drivers to join our fleet.

Driver FAQ's
Weekly Incentives for deliveries
Please check the Driver FAQ's for more info.

  • We are preferring drivers that can meet busy times for lunch and dinner
    • Lunch busy time is usually around 10:45am - 1:30pm     
    • Dinner busy time is usually around 4:00pm - 7:30pm 
  • Will need reliable transportation
  • Paid per delivery
  • Currently uses web app & Android app (iOS app in development) to receive deliveries

Amount earned starts at $5 per completed delivery.

A bank account is needed.

  • Amount earned increases with delivery distance.
  • Customers can tip you on their order or in person with cash.
  • You keep the full amount plus any tip.
  • You can earn incentives for completing deliveries


    • Must respond to Delivery requests within 2 minutes
      • Will count as a missed order if no response
    • Should wear face mask for Covid-19 in businesses that require it
      • We provide food bags
    • Must wear Driver Badge while delivering
    • Must wear clean & appropriate clothing
      • No low-cut garments
      • No profanity, gore, racially or politically divisive statements
      • No short shorts or sweatpants
    • Be polite towards customers
    • Customer service skills
    • Trustworthy
    • Good communication skills

    Background check is required.

    Our Expectations:

    • Respond to delivery requests promptly
    • Don't refuse more than 3 orders while online.
    • Prompt delivery
    • Verify the order on pickup
    • Drive Safely & No Texting and Driving

    Personal Information

    Enter your Full Legal Name. *First, middle and last name.
    Do you already have an account with Local Bytes?
    Please use the same email as your account.

    Be sure to create an account as it is required for the application.
    Are you located in the Tahlequah Area? *
    Reliable Transportation?
    Do you have a reliable mode of transportation to complete deliveries with?
    The vehicle brand.
    The vehicle model.


    Delivery Days Availability *
    What days of the week are you available for deliveries?
    Monday Hours *
    Tuesday Hours *
    Wednesday Hours *
    Thursday Hours *
    Friday Hours *
    Saturday Hours *
    Sunday Hours *
    Is there anything that might affect your availability above?


    Delivery Experience? *
    Do you have any experience with delivering?
    Driver Agreement invite will be e-mailed upon submission.
    (This must be reviewed & signed before we will be in contact.)
    We will conduct a small interview (most likely through SMS), then we will send a background check.

    We will require you to pass a Driver Orientation Test to become an active driver after onboarding.
    The background check can take anywhere between a few minutes and a couple weeks to receive the results.